Can you write a quick review of sex workers for somewhere you’ve been?  Want to share your expertise with others?! We pay $15 for a review ($20 if you include a photo of the area)!!

Here’s what you’ll need to provide:

  • A review of an area that has a decent number of sex workers.  It doesn’t need to be a glamorous travel destination, but it must be somewhere interesting that users of this web site might want to travel to because there is a good variety of sex workers there.
  • You must review an area – that means a town or city, we don’t want reviews that feature just one establishment or provider.
  • Your review must be written by you and include info about:
    • Where / how to find sex workers in the area
    • The general quality of the sex workers there
    • General prices charged
  • Any special tips about the area, local customs when it comes to using a sex worker, languages spoken, services offered or alternatively not typically available, local laws to be aware of, any web sites that are a good resource, etc, will greatly improve the chance of your review being accepted and published.
  • Provide a decent photo of the area when we contact you that relates to sex workers (taken by you, not pinched from the web) and we’ll increase your reward to $20

More info

Unless you choose to provide your name for the review, it will be published as anonymous – we will not publish your personal details.

We reserve the right to decline to accept a review at our sole discretion.  We virtually never do this for good reviews, but we need to reserve the right in case, for example, we receive too many reviews of one place, or reviews that don’t fit our quality requirements, or reviews that we suspect might be advertising.  Don’t worry, we won’t publish a submitted review unless we accept it and pay you.

By submitting a review you warrant that the submitted review has been written by you, has not been copied from somewhere else and that you assign us the right to publish the review on our web site with no further fee’s payable to you or anyone else.

How we pay you?

We’ll send your payment via PayPal, so you’ll need a PayPal account to receive it.

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