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One of the biggest differences between men and women is what they think of when they hear the word "facial".
All I’m saying is if cum tasted like nacho cheese, there’d be a lot more swallowing going on.
Do guys with foot fetishes know about vaginas?
Damn near had a threesome last night. Just needed 2 more people.
I've paid for sex before...not with money, but with my emotions.
Good morning to everyone except the ladies who don’t maintain eye contact while sucking dick
Sex so hot, the smoke detector goes off.
I went to a Red Light district once. The traffic was terrible.
I prefer jizz connoisseur.
I like my men how I like my coffee:

Filling me up every morning.
Sex so good you leave your panties behind.
I’m “milf porn is now age appropriate porn” years old
Lips made for love, hips made for sin